Simon Peter Lwanjo

Founder & CEO

Msc IT, Bsc CS (Hons) (Muk),



Our pride is in the commitment and dedication of staff to create unforgettable products. Our approach towards empowering human resource at all levels to spearhead the growth of the organisation has paid off. It has been a key factor in sustaining us at the highest level in the market.

I am privileged to be at the fore front of Preg-Tech Communications’ clear strategy to utilising and harnessing skills of individuals as they positively gain from the culture that has been created by either themselves or those before them. By creating a culture where every player is equally accounted for in all aspects we have managed to keep the morale at the work place high. Clients will discover a high level of enthusiasm emanating from our staff as they interact with them.

As a technology provider, we strive to remain on top of cutting edge technology by carrying out constant research and enrolling in various trainings and we are conscious of the ever changing trends. The convergence of the Telecom and computer networks at all levels has created exciting challenges for us with 1 in every 3 projects inclined to this area.

The scope of what we do at PTC is wide, giving us exciting new experiences with every project that we handle. They all come different, but our team is always ready to meet these challenges and 99% of the time our teams toast glasses to celebrate each commissioning.

I congratulate our team of experts on their accomplishments thus far!