Data Transmission Infrastructure

The groundbreaking technologies that require multiple interconnected sensors to bring about required communications in today’s world have led to the evolvement of infrastructure planning and setup from traditional transmission infrastructure to institutive mixed media deployment.

Preg-Tech Communications in conjunction with our partners Teltonica Networks is leading the park in the region to customize the networks that will enable smart cities changing outdoor advertising, large scale video surveillance with remote access, wireless parking, remote image control solutions for armored trucks, Highly customized home networks with TCR100, remote controlled irrigation systems, Plug and play connectivity for EV charging stations, Secure and reliable internet connections for large hotels, Public surveillance & information system.

We bring you the above listed solutions and many other solutions that are built on IoT and AI breakthrough technologies.

Our networks target the following sectors:

Targeted Sectors

  • Industrial and Automation
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Smart City
  • Transportation
  • Enterprise
  • Retail

The services provided when split include:

Planning, Structured Cabling, Routing and Switching, Unified Communications, VoIP solutions, Network Border Appliances, Network-end Stations, Advisory, IoT, data centers.

We work with partners to bring the latest functionality in the internet space. Listed technology partners include – Giganet, Simeon, Alcatel, Huawei, Cisco, Avaya, DLink, Juniper, GrandStream, Fanvil, Teltonica and FortiGate.

Our cities are getting bigger and smarter every day. Connected sensors, infrastructure, vehicles and devices make people’s life more convenient at the same time increasing energy efficiency and reducing maintenance costs. All of this requires secure connectivity products.

Smart City Solutions

  • Large-Scale Video Surveillance with remote access
  • Wireless Connectivity for mobile civil Education Exposition
  • Connectivity for Drone field Deployment
  • Data-Driven Outdoor Advertising
  • Long-Distance Connectivity for Parking Ticket Machines
  • Wireless Parking Availability Data Transaction
  • Remote Image Control Solution for Armored Trucks
  • Solar powered wifi hotspots
  • Interactive Remote-Controlled Playground System
  • Highly Customised Secure Home Network with TCR100
  • Safe and Simple to Setup Home Network with TCR100
  • Pop-up Connectivity and Power Source for IoT Project
  • Remotely Controlled Urban Irrigation System
  • Teltonica Networks Enabling Autonomous Helium Miners in Remote Locations
  • Plug and Play Connectivity for EV Charging Stations
  • Remote Calibration and Control Of Smart Traffic Lights
  • Remotely Managed Surveillance Solutions for Logistics Center
  • Sensor Powered Resource Optimisation in Cleaning Business
  • Single Device for The Whole Construction Site Infrastructure Network
  • FootFall Analystics For Optimised Public Transport

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Here at Preg-Tech, we provide Customer support services to assist our clients make the most cost effective and correct use of our products. It includes assistance in planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading, and disposal of a product.

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