Cloud storage backup is a strategy for backing up data that involves removing data offsite to a managed service provider for protection. It can either replace or complement on-premise backups.

Preg-Tech Enterprise cloud backup (PTCDrive) will put you in control of your own cloud space which will give your businesses a competitive edge! Find out how we can help you grow your business, improve your productivity, and make sales easier with our innovative and easy to use cloud content management solutions.

PTCDrive runs redundant backups through secure servers and are SAS 70 Type II certified, which means our systems are continuously audited and documented.

Our data center are located in the United States. For security and availability we are maintaining additional redundancy locally. This means that data is safer and the restoration time/recovery of data is reduced by more than 80% when compared to your convention online platforms.

Data Management

Familiar file and folder structure. Whether using the website or the drive application, PTCDrive functions just the way you are used to.

Storage space on demand. Choose the plan that fits you best or create your own custom plan. Get more storage space, bandwidth or users anytime.

PTCDrive creates a virtual private network between computers and enables to sync or backup files across computers connected to any account.

With PTCDrive you can share or collaborate on files through links or shortcuts. Open documents or play audio and video files from PTCDrive.

Project and Workflow

Create folders and subfolders, text or word documents, spreadsheets or presentations, right on PTCDrive without installing any additional software.

Edit up to 17 types of files and documents with our integrated online office suite. File versioning helps you get back to and restore any revision

The easiest way to share multiple files is through our Folder links. Anyone can upload files to your folders, and download entire folders or selected files in zip format.

If requested, activity notifications are sent to the account owner when files are uploaded, modified or trashed

User Management

Manage account users, content, folder permissions, storage and bandwidth allocations, and much more, all in one centralized console.

Assign users to specific groups, apply permissions, and manage users by group

Select what folders your account users can access. Account users can be granted permissions to edit or trash files in selected folders, or just view files.

Get a complete audit trail of file and user activity. With activity logs, you can sort usage reports by login, downloads, upload frequency and more

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Here at Preg-Tech, we provide Customer support services to assist our clients make the most cost effective and correct use of our products. It includes assistance in planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading, and disposal of a product.

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