Forensics Hardware & Software

Preg-Tech Communications is the leading distributor of digital forensics hardware and software in East Africa. We have more than 10 years in building digital forensics labs for state bodies. The solution includes hardware and several forensic software tools in-house specifically for forensic use.

What We Deliver

Technical Advisory

We offer reliable IT consultancy and advisory in terms of technical specifications required for a digital forensics solution as per the client's needs and targets.


We have partnered with the world leaders in forensics hardware and software for more than 10 years to supply forensics hardware and software in East Africa.


We do on-premise installation of digital forensics equipment and software including rack mounted hardware and digital forensics tools.


We provide the client with enterprise license acquisition and renewals for the installed digital forensics hardware equipment and software.


We offer expert training on usage of both digital forensics hardware and software. Certifications from some vendors are also offered.


Our experienced IT experts provide troubleshooting and upgrading support. These services includes both software and hardware maintenance.

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Preg-Tech has over 15 years of experience in delivering well tailored ICT products and solutions to institutions and businesses of all sizes.